Sunday, February 23, 2020

Staff Opportunities at Camp Adventureland

For paid staff applicants, positions that are open include:

  • Program Staff positions (Archery, Sports, Climbing Instructors, Bike Instructors, Lifeguards, Specialty Program etc),

  • Assistant Lifeguards are hired the same period as Program staff and must have NLS or higher.

  • We are looking for experienced staff to assist in our Daycamp program and as special needs counsellors. Preference will be given to adults or students with formal training and experience (e.g. CYW, teachers, educational assistants, and camp counsellors).

  • Kitchen staff positions will include Assistant Cook, Kitchen Assistant, Dishwasher, and Purchaser.

  • For program staff positions, you must be 15 years old and gained experience in the area for which you are applying.

  • For IT postions you must be at least 14 years old starting July 1.

  • All staff and volunteers must complete Scouts Canada’s mandatory training.


More details can be found here:


and, Staff Application Form here:


With the start of winter weather, outdoor shoes or boots are not permitted in the school. You will be asked to change to indoor runners in the front hall before every meeting.







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