Monday, January 22, 2018

Cubs – Important Notice

As we hoped last week, tomorrow’s meeting will be tobogganing in Linus Park, at the corner of Linus & Seneca Hill, behind Don Valley School. Bring your toboggans, tubes or anything that slides. Remember, in accordance with Scouts Canada policy HELMETS MUST BE WORN by all youth! We suggest that you use a skating or bicycle helmet, but if you have something you think is better, the choice is yours.


We would also like to remind you that we are collecting used textiles and clothing tomorrow for our Value Village fundraising; anything you contribute goes directly to offsetting our program costs. Any used clothing, bedding or other textiles are accepted – they don’t have to be in wearable condition. This is a great chance to clear out all the stuff that you can’t put in recycling.


Our Winter Camp will be February 9-11, at Camp Everton. Cubs will be sleeping indoors, and nobody has ever complained that their bed was cold! Nobody has ever complained that they didn’t have a huge amount of fun, either, and there is usually plenty of snow up there on the Escarpment. Bus will leave from Highland School at 6:30PM on Friday, and return Sunday afternoon [unless we have a snowstorm again :)]. Cost for this camp is $75


Oh, yes! We’ll have some hot chocolate and cookies tomorrow night, to stay warm.