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Overview of Programs

Scouting began in England in 1907 and a year later in Canada. It has enjoyed a long and illustrious global history. Click here to see more.

For more than 100 years, Scouts Canada has brought a world of adventure, outdoor experience, friendship and fun to 17 million Canadian youth.

With every new member, with every camp and every community service project, Scouts Canada makes one simple promise to Canadian youth, parents and society:


Scouts have fun adventures
discovering new things and experiences
they wouldn’t discover elsewhere.
Along the way they develop into capable,
confident and well-rounded individuals,
better prepared for success in the world.
Scouts is the start of something great.
It starts with Scouts.

Scouting makes a difference in the lives of children, youth and young adults. Providing opportunities for youth to grow, achieve new “firsts” and develop into citizens of the world.

Scouts are more likely to demonstrate greater self-confidence and optimism about what the future holds. They express a strong sense of civic responsibility and have a desire to “pay back” the community. They become more physically fit, energetic, outgoing, conscientious and compassionate. And they have a lot of fun!

Scouts is the start of something great.


Scouts Canada offers challenging programs for boys, girls, and young adults aged 5 – 26.
415th Toronto Scout Group programs are:
The 415th Group does not currently run a Rover program. For more information click here.


No One Left Behind: Helps to ensure, through fee subsidization, that every child has an opportunity to experience a local Scouts Canada program. More information here or contact us.




Program Quality Award: Recognizes sections that meet all the objectives which are laid out in the Program Standards. This award will be presented annually to those sections which meet all the requirements of the program objectives; ensuring that they are meeting all program targets and have trained and accomplished leaders delivering strong, balanced programs to Scouting’s youth members.




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